Actions disappearing in script

I've been using KM for a while now and love it. However, something really weird keeps happening. I have a really simple workflow to paste as text:

On random occasions, the filter clipboards action will just disappear. I have to constantly reopen editor and put it back in. Is there something buggy here?

Your screenshot looks like KM7. Have you been using KM8 and then gone back to KM7?

If Yes, then see here:

I think that was it! Thanks! I deleted the old KM7 app. I think it was floating around

Most likely that was the cause.

@peternlewis has cautioned against doing this several times, but it seems that some users are still doing it. For the benefit of future readers of this topic, I just want to emphasize this point:

Do Not Run Prior Versions of KM While Current Version is Installed