Actions for right-click menus

Hi all,

Does anyone have a good way to trigger actions the right-click menus? (rather than the main menu actions).

I have some messy ways to do it, but would love to hear if anyone has figured out a clean way to do this.

  • JC

As these menus are Context menus they will be different depending where the mouse pointer is or what is selected/highlighted.

If you don’t want to move the mouse by hand the simplest way is to use “just move, mouse” to a Found Image. This Found Image might be a screenshot of a square of whatever your highlight colour is when something is selected.

After that KM can replicate the right-click mouse button and you can select a specific menu item by having KM replicate typing arrow keys and/or typing the menu item name. Finally, having KM type the return key will select the item.

There are a few Threads on this already on this Forum with examples. For the Finder it is possible to invoke the menu with AppleScript: