Activate a Palette Group to pass a variable to another action in a macro?

I'm using a "Prompt for User Input" action, which gives me a popup menu for a variable that I am using later in the macro.

Is there a way to substitute that with a "Activate Macro Group for One Action"? That way, all the options would be right in front of me, and I could style it accordingly.

I know how to create a group of macros that each defines the same variable, but i'm not sure if I can then pass that variable later in the original macro.

Actually, figured it out on my own...


I set my variable, "toText" to a specific string "wait." then I have my group show up for one action. Each of those macros assign the variable toText to a string that I use later in the macro. I hold the macro from continuing by adding a Pause Until Conditions are Met. I wait until my variable toText is no longer the original string, "wait."

I'm sure this is 101 stuff for a lot of smart people here - but I'm very proud of myself right now!!!