Activate application if minimized in dock

I’d like to be able to activate an application even when it’s been minimised in the dock. ie I don’t want to clutter my desktop with my Mail app window, so like to keep it minimised. Using the application switcher doesn’t maximise it, so was hoping I could with KM somehow.

Hey There,

Why don’t you just HIDE apps you’re not using?

H Hide Current App

H Hide Other Apps

Use the search field in the Help menu, and search for “hide” to discover where these commands are in the menu system.


I have added an option to Reopen Windows to the Application Switcher (click and hold on an icon to bring up the menu and adjust the setting).

The Reopen Windows option will be in the next version of Keyboard Maestro.


I would like an option in
to consider minimized applications as well. Or is there any way to achieve the same with current version of KM?

It Works Exact what i wanted Thank You scratched my head off before :grinning: