Activate Application Switcher Enhancement Request(s)

Here’s some things I wish I could do with the “Activate Application Switcher” action:

  1. Option to “Only include these applications…”

  2. Option to “Never include these applications…”

  3. Option to stay open even when I release the hotkey. I could use the arrow keys+enter or the mouse to select an app. Pressing the Escape key would dismiss it (without switching apps), as would clicking outside the Switcher window.

  4. Long shot here - Option to have it act like a floating palette so I could leave it open. I realize this one might be asking too much. Well, perhaps they all are, but whatever…

1 is handled in the action:

2 is handled by the Excluded preferences in the Keyboard Maestro preferences Display Excluded setting in the switcher (click and hold on an icon when the switcher is displayed).

3 happens any time the trigger does not have a modifier.

4 go get DragThing and then tell James to stop playing around with calculators and update it.

You can create an application dock like this:

And I do, but it is quite tedious to set up, especially with the marking of the macros as applications launch and quit.

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I’m not sure how #1 is solved by “Always include” because it doesn’t exclude other apps, but that’s basically irrelevant because the rest of your answers solve just about everything I wanted!

So again, I bow to your excellence. Thanks!