Activate Clipboard History Switcher - Separator - adding to the Separator

In the Separator in Activate Clipboard History Switcher action there are a number of options (tab, return, space, etc):

Would it be possible to add other items, such as a comma or an "and"?

If so, how would it be possible to do so?

Hey Victor,

At present this is not possible.

@peternlewis – how about adding at least one user-settable separator?

Ideally this would be in the UI, but a couple of alternatives might be:

  • An expert preference.
  • A KM ENV variable – perhaps comma-delimited for multiple items and with a limit of 5 or 10 items.


defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MultipleClipboardSeparator " and "

The entry will then be listed in the menu, though it will disappear if you change the setting using the menu.

Chris, Peter

Thank you for the responses and for how to add an entry into the Separator list.

In the interim I found a workaround - run a default separator (such as Tabs) and then run a Clipboard Filter on the clipboard item to search and replace for Tabs and replace it with an "and":
Separator - add returns.kmmacros (2.7 KB)

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Just one follow up question: Is it only possible to add one further Separator item?

I added one for " and " and then a further one for ", ", but the latter replaced the former.


I looked in the expert prefs and didn’t find it – but sure enough it's there...


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Looks that way...


You can always add something unusual like: 

That makes doing your find/replace more bomb-proof.

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It is … now.

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