Activate group url


there is nice way to activate group in Better Touch Tool
but also in other automation app like iftt
so i want t activate this grope URL in keyboard maestro

this link : btt://execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger/?uuid=2B645951-B37F-4718-A370-A04762C61762

i please i want to activate this link with macro in keyboard maestro

Hi @Daniel2344, I control all my KM macros using BTT Touch gestures. Since the one or the other action in BTT (selecting the context menu) is very interesting, I have also built BTT Touch gestures into my KM macros.

I use an AppleScript for this. To simplify this work a bit, I created this KM macro:

UUID AS <7837 200506T161830>.kmmacros (5,5 KB)

but i want only to control which icon will show in winch condition in better touch tool
the way to do that in better touch tool is not good at all
so i want to use keyboard maestro to do that

can you show me how for example
i show icon in touch bar only when i enter to YouTube site in Firefox
and than when i moving to other URL in Firefox
the icon will not showing