Activate Palette based on Focus on an Application?

The ability to create a palette specific to a particular application is quite nice.

But I do not generally quit major applications; they stay open in the background so I can quickly use a given application.

So what would be helpful is not the option to show a palette when I "activate" an application or when it is "active." Rather it would be helpful to activate the palette when the Focus is on that application. Is that possible?

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. As I understand it, activating an application brings it to the front, i.e. focuses it, and the palette options that let you show a palette for a particular app until an action is explicitly taken to hide the palette already seem to me to work in the way you describe. As an example, if I set up my Safari macro group like this:


KM displays a palette whenever Safari is activated/focused on, and hides it when Safari is deactivated/no longer the focus. If this isn't what you mean, can you show us how your application palette(s) are currently configured with screenshots?

Ahh.... got it now

I thought i had to set this up as "Show Palette" as a macro.

Setting it up instead as you show above works perfectly - thanks

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