Activate the Caps Lock key?

Is there a way to activate the caps lock key, using a macro? I would like to map that macro to a dragon dictate voice command.

Whenever you have a question like this, a good google search is just to add the words “AppleScript” to your query, and that will determine if anyone else has found a scripted way (AppleScript, or shell script via AppleScript) to do what you want. The “AppleScript” limits the shell script solutions to ones that work on the Mac. So search for “applescript activate caps lock”.

Unfortunately in this case it doesn’t appear to find any solutions. I would suspect you need to look at a utility like Ukelele or Karabiner (previously known as KeyRemap4MacBook) or Seil may allow you to do it, but it is below the level that Keyboard Maestro works at.