Activating KM Macro Requires Repeating Hot Key

I have several KM macros that I use to move the active window to various positions on one of my three screens. Until recently they all have worked fine and they do still work now, But now I have to press the dedicated hotkey several times. With each iteration of the hotkey, the window will move to various positions and eventually end up in the position where I want it. I do not know what may have changed recently, but this action seems weird to me. Before you ask for examples please know that even the basic full-screen macro for each window requires multiple hotkey strokes.

Macro to move the active window to laptop main screen:

Macro to move the active window to left-hand screen:

Macro to move the active window to right-hand screen:

Hey Ken,

Look through the troubleshooting page on the wiki, and see if anything clicks.

  • What version of macOS?
  • What version of Keyboard Maestro?

  • Sort the Editor by Group-All and Last-Used.
    • Run your macro.
      • See if anything of note pops out in the macro list.

I've seen issues such as you describe with Microsoft Word but not in general.

For this to be a global phenomenon is certainly not natural.


Macos 11.2.3

Window Management Macros (v9.2)

Window Management Macros.kmmacros (5.6 KB)

Did you review the Troubleshooting -- KM Wiki?

When some behavior suddenly changes that usually means that there has been some change somewhere on your Mac.

Yes, I did look through that Wiki. I solved the situation, but not through that Wiki. Seems I was using the SCREENVISIBLE action wrong. I changed it to use pixel count and now everything works OK. Thanx!

I guess I still don't completely understand the difference between SCREEN and SCREENVISBLE... and yes I have read everything I can find on the subject. A more direct question is exactly when, under what circumstances does one use each of these actions. I have tried my macros both ways and I don't see any difference.

The reason I'm going through this is. because not all of my applications respond as expected regardless of which action I use. Most do, however some, specifically Firefox does not. Firefox moves as designed, but cuts off about 20 pixels from the bottom of the window.

SCREEN is the entire display. SCREENVISIBLE is the display excluding the menu bar and the Dock areas. For my iMac:
SCREEN(0) = 0,0,2560,1440
SCREENVISIBLE(0) = 0,23,2560,1417
...and you can see that the menu bar and Dock each take up 22 nominal resolution pixels, 0-22 for the menu bar and 1418-1440 for the Dock (which also shows I have the Dock at the bottom).

For example, you can use SCREENVISIBLE to resize a window to its maximum, snugged up against the menu bar and without covering the horizontal scroll area with the Dock, or to check "is the pointer in the menu bar" with is MOUSEY() less than 23.

Thanx, Nige_S... Now that makes sense. I guess I don't see any difference because I keep my menu bar and Dock hidden. At any rate your first sentence explains it well... Thanx!