Activating macOS Spotlight

Currently I'm activating Spotlight with BetterTouchTool (gesture >>> F18) and system shortcuts (F18 >>> Spotlight). I'd like to set BTT to trigger a KM Macro that activates Spotlight. I cannot find a Spotlight action in KM. Any ideas?

P.S.: I am looking for this:

Not this:

I’m not strong on BetterToughTool options, but couldn’t you just have KM simulate the macOS built-in Spotlight shortcut of Command-Space? If you’re using that shortcut for something else, you can change the keyboard shortcut for Spotlight in System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Spotlight and have KM simulate that shortcut.


As @NaOH says, you can just use the KM Action "Type a Keystoke" to activate the macOS Spotlight prompt.

If you want something more, this might give you some ideas:
Spotlight General Purpose Search (macOS)

Gives you a popup prompt like this:

with a result like this:

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Thanks for the suggestions, all.