Adafruit MacroPad

There was a brief reference to the MacroPad primarily as a midi device.

I thought it would be handy to quickly invoke macros by hotkey triggers. so got one to experiment with.

The MacroPad

  • Can not only use the modifier key combinations, but also recognises function keys up to f24 (although it appears km will only recognise function keys upto f20).
  • Has a small LCD.
  • Has very simple scripting via circuitpython parameters.
  • A rotary selector offering a wide range of code combinations.

Only early days in experimenting with it (and KM) but certainly simpler for my memory and quicker than invoking by name or via Alfred

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Do you have a photo or link to the one that you choose to experiment with?

Got mine from Pimoroni (in the UK).

This is the adafruit article.

Very simple to build - lego level.

Pretty simple to configure (when I follow the syntax rules properly :roll_eyes:) - no worse than JSON.

Thanks @JohnG!