Add 5 days to date

I want Keyboard Maestro to ask me for a date, then add 5 days to that date, then insert the adjusted date as a day. For example, if Keyboard Maestro asks me for a date and I input 22/07/23, the day that it returns is Thursday. Is this possible?

Yes look into ICUDate formula

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Read about that here token:ICUDateTime [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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As has been mentioned already, the date tokens are what you need. However, for me anyway, date calculations can be complex, especially since the prompt actions convert dates to unix time. But there’s a token to convert that back to a human-readable format, so if you run into issues, reply here and we can help further. I actually have a set of grouped actions that converts this kind of thing back and forth since I work with dates quite a bit in my macros and I got tired of having to look up how to convert unix time back and forth all the time. :sweat_smile: