Add ability to switch on applications

Currently you can only use Switch action on text. But it would be nice to be able to switch on application. Without switch, you are forced to use ifs inside ifs and it's not as nice.

Below is example:

Personally would love to use switch case for it as it would look cleaner.

Not sure how edifying this example is, but FWIW one can also switch, in a JS action, on the bundleIdentifier of the front application, and then delegate to a specific macro whose name is simply that identifier:

MD link tools Macros.kmmacros (154.7 KB)

The Copy front document as Markdown link in this KM group calls whichever macro (if any) has a name that matches the bundle identifier of the active app:

Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 18.07.13

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This is easily done using the KM Token Application Token:


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