Add Cc recipients to new Apple Mail message

This seems like a simple issue, but I have been unable to find a solution directly through KM, or via AppleScript.

I would like to add Cc recipients to a new outgoing Apple Mail message.

I have a KM macro that adds everything I need to the primary recipient, the subject of the email, and the body of the email, but am unable to find the way to add Cc recipients.

Thanks in advance for help!

there's a Send Mail Message action:

Thank you very much, Hello. Unfortunately, that only allows plain text, and I have rich text in the body of my outgoing messages.

add a Insert text by Pasting:


Thank you, Hello.

I was able to copy and paste rich text, including a logo with a link, to the body of the outgoing email. The above allows me to add Cc addresses only to the emails I am sending out via this template, while not having the Cc field show up on other emails (which would have altered some other macros I have that rely on tabbing between fields). So this works perfectly for my needs.


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