Add Finder tag in first position

For example this file:


I would like to add a tag before all the tags, but the Set Attribute is adding the tag at the end. I want it in the beginning so I can sort my files and folders by that tag when I click the Tags column


Is it possible?
The only workaround would be to create a list with all tags first, remove them from the file/folder, then rearrange all tags and add the picked tag to the beginning of the list, then add all those tags back at once.
I wonder if there's a less convoluted way of doing it?

I tried that approach, but it doesn't seem to work, because Finder seems to sort tags randomly (or so it seems)...

For example when I use this:


Finder shows me this:


It's not even sorted alphabetically. Any tips?
Being able to have a certain tag as the first tag would be a great improvement to my workflow

I've had a play, but there doesn't seem to be any way of setting the tag order -- nor any guarantee of the order in which they are reported (the Finder, KM, and the tag utility all report the tags on the same file in a different order).

Since it's an unordered list you can't do much more than "does/doesn't a file have these tags".

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Perhaps not ideal, but the Search field of a Finder window will accept, for example, Tag:Drums so in that regard the preferred Tag would get priority. Note that Tag:Drums Tag:"No Vocals" could also be used to specify multiple-Tag files.

Also tag:Drums -tag:"No Vocals" for everything tagged "Drums" but not tagged "No Vocals", (tag:Drums OR tag:"No Vocals") -tag:Finished for "Drums or No Vocals but not Finished", etc.

My issue with the Search field is that when I have a folder that matches what I'm trying to search, I can't expand/collapse it, which is a big part of my workflow. I always have to open it in the same window or a new window. I like to use the expand/collapse feature in Finder. That's why sorting by tag would be ideal.

It's weird that we can manually reorder tags using CMD+I , but when adding via KM, the order doesn't follow what we defined via the Set Attribute action

Internal to Keyboard Maestro, tags are a set, not an array, so they are unordered.

You could try removing all the tags, and then adding them one by one.