Add image and text styling to email signature snippet

I’ve been able to create a plain text email signature snippet in KM, but I’m wondering if it is possible to add text styling (bold, etc.) and an image to this email signature snippet. If so, what macro actions would help me achieve it? Thanks!


The easiest way is to create a KM Named Clipboard, say "My EMail Signature", and then just paste from that clipboard when needed.

Steps to create the macro:

  1. Create the exact content with styling, with image, in your email app.
  2. Copy this "signature"
  3. Open KM Editor, and then KM Preferences
  4. Click on "Clipboards" tab, and then on the :heavy_plus_sign: at the bottom to create a new Named Clipboard.
  5. This will create the clipboard with the contents of the current system clipboard
  6. Give this new clipboard the name you would like.
  7. In a KM Macro, you just need one Action:
  • Paste from Named Clipboard, giving it the name of the clipboard you created in Step #6

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Yes, thank you! That worked. Though, oddly… is it supposed to create a macro palette? It’s popping up with a palette showing two versions, one that is plain text and one with the image/rich text. Not sure how I managed that, but I did double check the macro and nothing seems amiss.

Sounds like you have both macros triggered by the same hot key. You can either change the trigger for the plain text macro, or just disable it.

Can you use that signature ‘clipboard’ in the ‘send mail message’ action step?
i.e… in the body by putting, %NamedClipboard%Clipboard 01%
When try to do that I get the “No Text in Clipboard” text in the body of the email.

Since there is now a problem with ‘assigning’ signatures in Sierra, Peter suggested making the signature part of the message itself.
How would one do that? I’m hoping I can use clipboards and variables in the body of the email.

Hey Troy,

No. The signature in the Send Mail Message is an AppleScript reference to a signature in Mail.

You cannot emplace text or graphics in the action.


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