Add Insertion Point Into a Variable to Paste

I've created a macro that:

  • Saves the clipboard to a variable (to clipboard_save)
  • Pastes text from a variable (from text_to_paste)
  • Restores the clipboard (from clipboard_save)

This macro is called from lots of other standard macros where I want to paste a lot of text, but preserve the clipboard.

I want to add an insertion point into the text_to_paste variable, which I've tried to do, but the insertion point is not set after the text has been pasted.

I've tried escaping/wrapping the insertion point, i.e. "%%|%%", but that just pastes the literal "%|%" and doesn't set the insertion point.

Can anyone help please. Thanks.

In Brevis -- Automating Text Expansions, I handle that with this action:


But note, in the gear menu, Process Text Normally is selected.

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