Add Metadata to Selected Photo(s) (Photos App) (v.1.1)

This macro prompts for title, description, and keyword(s) which are then added to the selected photos in the Photos app. Much more efficient than hitting ⌘I and dealing with the Info window. If any field is left blank, the existing metadata is left unaltered. Keywords are added to existing keywords by default. I prefer to open the Info box to manually clear all keywords if that's what I want to do. Being able to enter keywords - which are critical to locating photos in my collection - easily and quickly is especially liberating... :smiley:

An initial problem with keywords was that if I entered more than one keyword at a time, the keywords were grayed out in the Info window and Photos App would not register them for smart albums, for example. I had to position the cursor at the end of the keyword box in the Info dialog and hit Return to "apply" the keywords -- extremely annoying! The solution I came up with was to iterate through the inputted keyword array, adding each keyword one at a time. If you select a large number of photos and enter several keywords, it can take a minute to cycle through, FYI. Also: you must maintain selection of the photos while the Applescript is doing its thing. Maybe a notification would be worth sticking in to let you know when it's through.

Macro is uploaded in disabled state.

UPDATE: Fixed problem where only first inputted keyword became the default entry for keywords, rather than full comma-separated array (if more than one keyword had been initially entered).

ADD METADATA TO SELECTION (v.1.1).kmmacros (54.8 KB)


I cobbled together the Applescripts from these two links, whose content authors are to be credited with making the sausage:

macOS Photos and AppleScript: Quicker organization method - Stack Overflow



Amazing @BKammer — just what I was looking for, and only 11 days ago.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to share this!