Add my own macros to Macro Library? [SOLVED]

Can I add my own macros to the Macro Library?
I have a Macro Group called Reusable where I put some macros that I see myself using here and there, but that requires me to leave the current group, click the Reusable group, find the macro, copy, go back to the first group, paste it.

Adding my own macros to the Macro Library seems more appropriate and easier to manage. I could use another macro with a Prompt with List, but the Library seems better when it comes to having it organized into categories, etc.

Have you tried "Export as Macro Library..." in the Editor's File menu?

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Thanks. That's what I needed.
I was right-clicking the macro and the only option was "Export".

2 questions:
1 - Is there a way to delete macros from the library, in case I add one that eventually is updated or I don't need it anymore?
2 - Is there a way to add more categories to the library?
3 - When I chose the Export as Macro Library it "forced" me to actually export a macro. Since it's saved to the library, can I securely delete the macro that was exported, or is KM using that file as a reference to the library macro?

EDIT: I found this page where it says that I can go to ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Keyboard Maestro Libraries and delete the .kmlibrary file (or rename it even) so that answers my question 1 and 3 (it seems it's not using the file I exported, because it creates the copy in that Keyboard Maestro Libraries folder). So the only thing I would like to know is if it's possible to create new categories?

Aren't the categories "created" by the metadata you add during the export?

This is the only stuff we can add, and the categories are "fixed"


That's a shame.

Maybe you spoof something with normal Groups -- name them for the categories you want but prefixed with [REUSE] or similar. Have a second Editor window, minimised, already scrolled to that area. Then you can unminimise the window, select the macro you want, and ⌥-drag it to the target folder.

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This would be a more convoluted workflow for me.
No big deal that we can't change the categories. I will put all my macros inside the Miscellaneous category and that's ok. I mean, being able to have them available via a shortcut instead of having to open a new window, navigate to the "Reusable" group, etc, is already a step forward and also being able to Search by name is a plus.

Sometimes things could be "perfect", but if they are at least a little bit better, I'm all for it :wink: