Add new Zoom link to calendar event

I have been looking for a way to automatically create a new Zoom meeting based on the details of an event that I have just created (either in Google Calendar on the web or in macOS I know that I could create the event in Zoom and allow Zoom to add it to my calendar, but Zoom’s scheduling interface is horrible and I would much rather do the opposite. I was hoping that I could do it with Keyboard Maestro, but my skills with it are too basic…
Has anyone seen anything like this?

I have a small update about this. I started working to create a macro to do this (I really cannot believe that I am the only one with this desire), I am sure that I will be able to extract info from the current event (I have done it for other macros) and I can create a new meeting in, but when I try to edit the date, I get stuck because the field, instead of accepting a string with the data, requires to open a little calendar and click on the day.
Any suggestions?