Add `%SafariTechPreviewURL%`

I want to start using as my main browser but have many macros that use %SafariURL% or %SafariTitle%.

Can you please add support for Safari Tech Preview officially too?

Thank you.

Essentially adding a new entry here Safari Tech Preview

CleanShot 2020-10-17 at 20.39.15@2x

I know I can do this:

But having it available easily as global thing is very helpful. I also think it'd be a bit faster from the little tests I've done.

Hope it can be added.

Ok I decided that Safari is still better as main browser.

You can configure the Safari tokens to use the Safari Technology Preview (see the Preferences user manual section), but there are not seperate tokens for the different browsers. Chrome, for example, has a variety of different compatible browsers and the proliferation of tokens would be a bit extreme.

You can use the FrontBrowser variant, which will then use whichever known compatible browser you most recently had at the front, which is probably a good solution in most cases.

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