Adding a Conflict Palette for FastScripts

Is there is a way in which I can build a conflict palette for FastScripts?

Hey Yashodhan,


What exactly are you wanting to do?


I have many scripts in FS and it is impossible to remember the shortcuts for each. So, I was thinking that if I can just build a palette where one of the letters get highlighted (by default) it would serve my purpose. I am an absolute newbie, so feel free to tell me what I’m getting wrong and if there is a solution.

FastScripts 3.0 has a search, although it's not a very flexible search.

Feel free to ask the developer to improve it.

Is it possible to use Keyboard Maestro to list FastScripts' scripts?


See the Prompt With List action.


Many thanks. I appreciate the help. Will do as you’ve suggested.

If there is a desire to run the script in the context of FastScripts, but to control the execution with Keyboard Maestro, I wonder if an automation could be devised where the KM Prompt With List could be used to help locate the name of the script to run, and then you could ask FastScripts to run it?

Currently FastScripts only supports running scripts with its "invoke" AppleScript command if the item is in its script collection (configured script folders), but starting in the forthcoming FastScripts 3.0.6 I'll be supporting the ability to pass an arbitrary file reference to "invoke" so you can run whatever you want (as long as FastScripts has access to it). You can try a beta update of FastScripts with this new invoke behavior if you want:




I was going to do this before you added the search in FastScripts.

And since the prompt-with-list search is more flexible than FastScripts' search I still might – although I'd rather you improved FS' search.


I definitely have plans to improve search in FS, so stay tuned on that front!

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