Adding a Favorite Action in KM 10 – My Workflow

Here is an example of how I add an action to my Favorite Actions in KM 10:

(1) Select action(s) in the macro.
(2) Execute the macro "Add Favorite"
(3) Assign name and confirm with Enter


15)Add Favorite <E25B 211104T234234>.kmmacros (24,2 KB)

15)Add Favorite <E25B 211104T234234>

To call my Favorite Action afterwards I just have to press ⌥⌥ and enter the corresponding name.... voilà

My thanks goes to @ccstone & @Zabobon for the tip with the "fav" to call the favorite actions.

05)Select Favorites <AD3A 211104T234210>.kmmacros (3,8 KB)

05)Select Favorites <AD3A 211104T234210>


Nice! I have something similar (even though I still use DanThomas’ macro set too).

Question though: is there a reason you set the clipboard to the variable and then pasting from the clipboard instead of just pasting directly from the variable?


@cdthomer no, this has no particular reason. I had once created this for the app Cardhop and now just adopted.


I'm just getting ready to upgrade to KM10 (I finally have some time) and I'd appreciate it if you could let me know why you still use my KMFAM. I haven't tried the native version yet, but I'm curious what your thoughts are.

And PS: I'm thrilled that Peter finally included this functionality, so don't worry about my feelings here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey Dan! I'd be glad to. There are several reasons that come to mind right away:

  1. the use of keywords. I like being able to search for an action by any number of keywords. With the native method you have to search by the first word of the action. Sometimes I can't remember the exact name I've given a favorite action.

  2. Updating (modifying) existing favorites. With yours I can "replace" an existing action, without having to delete the old one first. Really great if I need to modify something about it.

  3. This one is minor, but I'm a data nerd: the stats that tell me how much I've actually used a favorite. I like to see if I'm actually using them, and if not, consider removing them from the list.

That's all off the top of my head, as I think of more (I haven't had my coffee yet this morning haha), I will update my post.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the native way Peter included with KM10. I use it too! Generally for simpler actions such as "delete a variable", since it runs a little quicker than your KMFAM macros. But for the more complex favorites I have I use yours.

EDIT: Not all of my above comments are entirely accurate. This is what I get for posting before having my morning coffee :laughing: ...clarifications are in this comment down below.


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Thanks - that helps a lot.

This one is minor, but I'm a data nerd: the stats that tell me how much I've actually used a favorite. I like to see if I'm actually using them, and if not, consider removing them from the list.

I'm actually shocked that anyone uses those statistics! I originally created them for testing purposes, and decided to leave them in. So it's cool that someone finds them useful.

@peternlewis - You might want to read the above post. Just so you can add to your "to do" list. :smirk: And as an aside, I wanted to say how thrilled I am that you implemented this! Having native support for this means more people will use favorites, and regardless of the implementation, I've always thought it was a great concept.


This is untrue - and search match of the action will be found. So you can include a comment with keywords for example:

As you can with the native actions - give it the same name, and click the Replace Existing button:

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Thanks Peter! Do the keywords have to be in a comment that is part of the favorite actions? In Dan's method you can add keywords while adding an action to the favorite list, without having to add them in the actions themselves...

You're right! My apologies, I realize now I didn’t explain myself well earlier. To replace an existing action you have to type the exact same name which brings me back to my earlier stated issue of having a crappy memory and not remembering what I named certain actions. :laughing: With Dan's method you can select a favorite from a dropdown list to replace.

I would edit my initial reply but that might cause confusion down the road to folks who are reading this so I'll leave it as is with a link to this comment.

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No, the actions are searched just like macros are searched, so the text can appear anywhere (except when testing this I discovered the Notes are not searched, which would be the obvious place to put keywords, so I will fix that, probably for the next version and then you can just put keywords in the Notes - you can add the Keywords in the Notes now, just the search won't work until I fix that).


I feel like an idiot asking this, but what "Notes"?


Son of a... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:By the way, I searched the Wiki for "notes" and it didn't return anything, although with my track record lately, who knows?

@DanThomas & @cdthomer times an idea, since the note possibility shown by @peternlewis can only be set for individual actions within a macro.

I mark my macro group or a macro with a callout icon.
I enter my notes etc. in Drafts or also Craft. Then my note is linked to the app Hook.

The advantage with linking to Hook is that I can add any number of links (web page, screenshots, etc.) to my note after the fact


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I'm confused, but it's probably because my mind is busy trying to figure out other things right now. So I'll just say "Hey, that's cool!" for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That's how I feel most times I see the awesome macros you, @appleianer, @ccstone, @Sleepy, @tiffle and many others on here post :laughing:

Thanks @peternlewis for that Notes screenshot, that's a feature I had completely missed.


@cdthomer, @DanThomas & @peternlewis here is an example of how I add notes to a favorite action via the Craft app (deep link).

The notes remain even if the favorite action is used later. By coloring the action, I know that there is a note in Craft's for the favorited action.

Here is an example:


03)Add <FBAD 211120T150932>.kmmacros (14,2 KB)

01)View <E108 211120T151649>.kmmacros (16,5 KB)

01)View <E108 211120T151649>

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You mentioned my name in that list! This is how I feel about that...


Haha good old Get Smart. I used to love watching the original series when I was a kid.

Me too. I even ended up with a similar job (very broadly speaking.)

Have you ever noticed that they (Get Smart original series) intentionally break continuity sometimes? For instance, there was one episode where Max was fighting someone next to a piano with a big vase of flowers on it. Switch to a close-up and they're rolling across the piano which miraculously doesn't have the vase, then back to a wide shot and the vase is back! Absolutely hilarious!

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