Adding a favorite folder to Applications Switcher

Hi -

Is it possible to add a favorite folder to Applications Switcher?

I find myself using the switcher a lot & often want to go to a specific folder. I have a shortcut for the folder as well, but my muscle memory often goes to the switcher first, so it would be great to have it in the list as an option if possible.

Thx -

How is your current shortcut defined.

Did you do this
Hotkey trigger e.g. SHIFT+CMD+F
action Open folder?

I don't think the built-in KM App Switcher will support folder because, well, a folder is not an app. :wink:

Two possible ideas, untested:

  1. Assign the same trigger to both the app switcher and the folder switcher
  2. Create your own custom app/folder switcher using the KM Prompt With List action .