Adding articles to Obsidian & Readwise Reader?

I apologize if this is an obvious question. I am only getting into KM (and finding it extremely powerful but also overwhelming).

I often add articles to Readwise Reader - using their Firefox extension - and tag them in the process. I also started adding full articles to Obsidian, using a bookmarklet. Once added, I tag the clippings.

Now, is it possible to automate this. i.e. using a KM trigger to add the article to both with the same tags? How would I go about it?

Thank you for any hints!

Only someone who has those applications will be able to answer this.

But basically the solution will be one of:

  • If the application is AppleScriptable, you may be able to use AppleScript to add articles and set tags. If not, you should ask the developer to add AppleScript support.
  • Otherwise your options are likely limited to UI control, in which case you have to consider the exact sequence of UI actions you would take in order to add this article and set the tags, and then mimic them. You will likely need to use some combination of:

Thank you, this is helpful! I was thinking precisely about this sort of advice - the general outline of the whole thing. I really appreciate this!

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