Adding "enter" or "return" key to left side of keyboard

Quessing someone has done this.. need to add an "enter" keystroke to the left side of the keyboard.

Many thanks,


Have you considered using an "F" key or "esc" as a substitute for "Return"?

Thanks.. will try it..

You may wanna try this: use a keyboard shortcut as a trigger, then run AppleScript

tell application "System Events"
  key code 76 -- enter
  -- key code 36 --return
end tell


I haven't done it, but here are some untested ideas:

  1. Use Karabiner to remap CAPS LOCK to ENTER
  2. Use KM with trigger of F1 with this simple action:
    Type a Keystroke action using ENTER

No need for AppleScript here -- native KM is much simpler.

I also would NOT remap ESC, as it is a very commonly used key.