Adding "Vivaldi Snapshot" as a supported browser in KM

I would like to suggest adding Vivaldi Snapshot (the beta version of Vivaldi) to the list of supported browsers, @peternlewis. Its bundle ID is com.vivaldi.Vivaldi.snapshot.

Eventually, I figured out how to add Vivaldi Snapshot manually myself using the hidden command line preferences, but it took me quite some time to realize that my issues with %FrontBrowserTitle% were not because of a bug with the "Allow Javascript from Apple Events" setting in Vivaldi Snapshot or a general macOS automation permission issue. To prevent others from embarking on this kind of wild goose chase, I think it would be really nice if Vivaldi Snapshot was recognized as a browser out of the box by Keyboard Maestro.

For others who might stumble upon this thread, here is the Terminal command you need to run to add Vivaldi Snapshot as an additional supported browser in KM:
defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine AdditionalWebBrowserBundleIDs -string "com.vivaldi.Vivaldi.snapshot"
(see here for more details)

@NSSynapse How would I add support for Firefox?

You would have to write to Mozilla and ask them to implement an osascript scripting interface for their macOS build of Firefox.

(Vivaldi can be added because it implements that scripting interface, and in particular provides the execute javascript function from the Chromium suite on which it is based.)

To quote from:

actions:Browser Actions [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Keyboard Maestro provides a large set of web browser actions that work with Safari and Google Chrome

Vivaldi is based on Google Chrome, but Firefox is based on neither Chrome nor Safari.

Done for the next version.

Firefox does not have AppleScript support as far as I am aware, and therefor cannot be controlled by the native actions.

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