Additional or Custom Action Colors?

I really like the Action coloring capability in KM 7. I also like the colors. However, I am finding that I want less saturated colors for some purposes. Would it be possible to add more colors — perhaps just less saturated versions of the ones that are already there — to the menu? I would also like some kind of gray, to highlight actions less dramatically. I use the gray label in the Finder more than all of the others combined (though I don’t label Finder items with colors very much).

I find that Orange and Yellow are too close together

Custom colors like custom palettes? (The more you give us the more ideas we have for more things to ask for.)

I pretty much agree — but for me it’s trivial. The complete color picker is, afaik, built into OS X and available to developers (of which I am not one, though I stand tall on a grain of salt), so perhaps it is easy to make available to the user to specify Action colors.

Doesn’t seem to be in keeping with Peter’s sense of design, though.

Are you working on a color-corrected monitor or have you at least tried to calibrate yours by eye? I work with color. Many people who don’t work with color end up using a monitor that is set to be over-bright and over-contrasty. I suggest starting with calibrating your monitor. Hardware calibration is 10x better than calibration by eye. You may find that helps with the issue of over-saturation.

Gray is excluding, I suspect, because KM uses shades of gray for the default Action color (light gray) and for the color of disabled Actions (medium gray).

+1 for custom action colors because I am color blind and the current choices gives me less colors to choose from.

For me with the current colors, default is essentially identical to aqua and magenta is completely identical to purple. The rest I can identify but some are still a lot more difficult than they need to be (like green vs yellow and teal vs default). :confused:

@peternlewis If we could choose our own action colors I could make myself color choices that are much easier for me to differentiate.

Even I would like to have custom color picker for actions.

Colorized actions make it easier to skim through the workflow without actually reading the titles of individual actions.
We can set up colors for specific actions that we use frequently. For example, the actions that I frequently use are, pause action, type a keystroke action, click action etc

The more workflows you have greater is the need to have more colors because now you have lot more actions that you use frequently. Lot more times you need to visit your workflows to edit.

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FWIW, you can set regularly used actions to the existing colours by saving them as favourites. I have a hotkey in the KM Editor for actions and one for favourites, so it's no more effort than adding a regular action.

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