Adjusting Brightness of Secondary Screen

I have my MacBook Pro connected to my LG UltraFine 5K Display, using the latter as my primary screen and the former as an extended screen.

While I sometimes make use of the MacBook Pro screen, I sometimes am just using the LG UltraFine 5K Display, and in these situations would often prefer to "turn off" the MacBook Pro screen, to reduce the added eye strain and distraction.

Is there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut for this in KM? Basically, it would be a keyboard shortcut that would operate on the following logic when pressed...

• If MacBook Pro brightness is not 0, then change its brightness to 0.
• If MacBook Pro brightness is 0, then change its brightness to maximum brightness.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and ideas!

Hello @alexcr

I use my MacBook Pro mid 2010 with High Sierra and KM 10.2 connected to an Apple Cinema Display 27“ with either one of these Macros by @_jims:

and with the little MenuBar Application DisplayBuddy with either the display synced to my MacBook Pro or otherwise - and I have no issues.

There are more ways to do this but I think that’s one of the easiest :sunglasses:

Hope you found this useful.

Let us know about how it goes - and have a great Sunday.

Greetings from Germany


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Thanks, @Nr.5-need_input! These look pretty spot-on with what I was looking for.

With these macros, is there a way to set them up so that they always only impact the brightness of one of my monitors, in my case the MacBook Pro screen?

Also, DisplayBuddy looks like a cool app, but what role does it play in your setup that's not already covered by one or both of the macros you shared?

Hello @alexcr :wave:

I encourage you to get the info about the Macros by reading the OP carefully and review the Macros in the Editor to see how and what you can set up - because I have currently no chance to look up on anything of that because I am currently not at home.

I’ve set up the DisplayBuddy Application with presets - but sometimes I just use either the button for the MacBook‘s display for syncing the Apple Cinema Display to it or otherwise for the basic setting.
If I then use any one othe Macros I shared with you the brightness automatically changes on both displays at the same time. That’s all.

For example I use the Toggle Macro to set my Displays as bright as needed when I start using my Macs in the morning and set the brightness to the lowest possible when I go to bed or when I put my macs to sleep.

The other Macro is in use for any setting for the brightness in between during working.

Hope that’s a good starting point for you - just try it out and play with it a little… because I even can not say what I’ve done to the Macros without looking at them because I know that I’ve changed them a little bit to fit my workflow…

Have a nice Sunday

Greetings from Germany


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