Adobe Illustrator 5.1 Actions

Been down a rabbit hole these past couple days, and hoping this saves someone else some frustration. Working with an old system that can't be upgraded past Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 and wanted to add a couple Actions that I hoped to call with KM using AppleScript. I quickly found this code:

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
  tell current document  
    do script "TheActionYouWant" from "TheActionGroupWhereItLives"  
  end tell
end tell

I kept getting an odd error where Illustrator would report that it "Could not complete the Play command because the action is playing." Reason this kept happening? The Action I wanted to perform was highlighted in the Action list in Illustrator. Deselecting it in the list made the above code work. Don't know if there's a way to make sure no Actions are selected with the AppleScript; that's another rabbit hole for another day.



PS the Action I created was Align Top Left (there's no menu command or easy way to call this in 5.1)