Adobe Illustrator – .jsx Files in the /tmp Folder

So I have a lot of these tmp.jsx. applescript thingies floating around.

So where is the code that gets run located?

In other words some code gets put into the new.jsx file but it is like it comes out nowhere. Plus if I need to edit the code where is it?

Looks like it is some sort of JavaScript extension. See:

I have no idea what they are, what they do, or where they come from (and I definitely wouldn't run them without knowing that!).

I cannot answer where these files come from on your system.
But maybe try searching all macros for ".jsx" and see if you have macros that write the files.

I use this technique in some of my macros: writing a dynamically created script file for InDesign/Illustrator and executing it within a macro.

Yes there are macros that create the files.

A lot of times it is just a call to a function. I just can't see where this function is being injected into the new.jsx file. It's like it is coming from thin air... lol

I inherited this system so trying to make heads/tails of what is coming from where.

Do JavaScript file, what file?

I get what the AppleScript is doing, just telling illustrator to activate and do something. All these new .jsx files get trashed so I can see what the result is.

Usually a call to a function of some sort. But frustrating to not know where KM is telling it what file.

It's like there is a hidden layer I'm not seeing.

You should be able to see what is written in the macro where the .jsx file is created. Maybe the Write File action is closed.

Or you could try to share one of the macros, so we can investigate.

Keyboard Maestro-Keyboard Maestro Editor — New layer with copied name Birch Ejendomme-v2 2023-05-23 at 09.34.54

According to your screen shot, in /tmp/new.jsx. The hidden tmp directory at the top level of your system drive is a "correct" place for temporary files like this. You can get to it in the Finder by selecting "Go to Folder..." from the "Go" menu (or hitting ⌘⇧G), typing in /tmp, and hitting Return.

The code that gets run by Illustrator is in that jsx file, and even if it is deleted by the macro you probably have time to grab a copy first. The code is probably created by a macro as well, maybe even the macro the screen shot is taken from -- in the KM Editor window, searching the "All Macros" Group for "/tmp/new.jsx" will show you all the macros that use that path.

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