Advanced Creating Macros - Tabs & AI (Deep Learning)


Can we use KM like Safari where we have different tabs to view different macros simultaneously and work on them? if not, can you bring this in the next version?

Also, has anybody bought in AI or deep learning into the KM so that it learns how we work and what we are doing by seeing the patterns?

I know this may go further than what KM is intended for but we are really pushing KM and using it for way more advanced things.


I was thinking the same a few days ago lol If you take a look at then you see that they basically have a lot of different functions like KM. Like if KM could work with natural language, it could create its own macros based on what you said like viv does. Controlling your mac via voice is already possible and also in combination with KM.
Curious what happens in the future ^^

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Hi FroZen_x,

We have taken this further, we have been teaching KM the law for the past 2 years now. It has brought down 5 minutes of work to about 20 seconds. But it takes a long time to teach it the legal algorithms and the repetitive work. Maybe if we would get it to understand the patterns of what we do this would save us the time of actually having to teach it one by one by writing up each macro action.

KM needs a database function asap for it to develop even further.

Thank you for the link I will look into viv.

No, there are no Tabs in Keyboard Maestro. Displaying two macros at once is not currently possible, and would require a major re-engineering of the code. It might eventually happen, but only in a major version, and probably not the next one.

I know nothing about AI, so while it is possible there may be AI stuff in Keyboard Maestro one day, I would not hold my breath.

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Hi Peter,

  1. Thank you for your response, hopefully you will bring it in the next version. I am sure that there are many users who would look forward to this tab system.

  2. Maybe if the Forum had a survey system for the most wanted features this would be beneficial as it would allow users to vote for features giving you a heads up to the demand by KM users?

  3. With KM we need to write the Macros manually, but AI is one step ahead where it learns and/or creates the macros based upon watching us work or listening to vocal commands. This is evidently a superior & disruptive method to manually creating macros.

To your point 3. It just came to my mind that TextExpander is using something like that. It check what you’re typing and when you type a phrase more often, it suggest you to create a snippet for it. Doing this with KM would be on a way different level, but overall really cool. Sometimes you’re just missing something else out that you can actually automate.
However this whole thing would worry people cause of monitoring and privacy.

The forum does have a poll system of some sort.

However the concept of polling users for most wanted features like this is problematic on so many levels:

  • Regardless of how wanted a feature is, if I can't implement it, it wont happen.
  • Regardless of how wanted a feature is, if it takes a prohibitively long time to implement, it wont happen.
  • Even if a feature is highly desired, that has to be balanced against many other factors, including difficulty to implement, complexity to users, etc
  • Any poll on this forum would be highly biased since the vast majority of Keyboard Maestro users have never even looked at the forum.

So polling forum users like this is not something I would encourage. People are more than welcome to make suggestions, and to "+1" the feature (either with an additional reply or simply by liking the topic post) and I will note it down, but simple popularity on the forum is only one part of a complex set of relationships as to what I implement in Keyboard Maestro.

And, as I said, I know nothing about AI, and so it is highly likely this will not happen. Even if every single Keyboard Maestro user thought this was a great idea, it probably still would not happen.