After activating KM from macro, engine not launching (problem solved)

Hello all and thanks for reading this.
New here, (Quickeys “survivor”), happily learning the wonders of KM. :smile:

Created a macro to activate KM.
Simply “Open /Applications/Keyboard” (activated when shortcut =okm is written).
And then resize and position window to full screen.

It does exactly the above, but engine doesn’t launch (i need to do it manually, or as a workaround I can incorporate an action to do that).

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any help.

Well, just solved the problem.
Put a pause between the KM activation and the full window.
Apparently the engine needed some more time to upload properly.
Anyway, thanks for reading this

Its generally not a good idea to use Typed String triggers for macros like this because you want to be able to use the trigger in all sorts of contexts, not just in a context that expects you to be able to type (and then delete!) the characters.

I don’t really follow what you mean with the engine not launching - the engine must already be running for a macro to be processed.

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please elaborate, what do you mean "macros like this", and in what context you would use the Typed String trigger?

Sorry, my mistake. Of course its running. :blush:

Typed String triggers work by you typing normal characters, and then usually Keyboard Maestro will issue the “Delete” characters to remove them, and then move on to executing the actions in the macro.

This means that you should only be using the Typed String triggers in a case where you are in a field that can accept typing. If instead you typed them in the Finder (when not renaming a file for example), first the characters you type would select a file, and then Keyboard Maestro would simulate a delete and trash the file.

Even if you turn off the “Delete characters”, the characters you type are still going to be going to the front application, so you still generally want to be in a text typing context, otherwise the typed characters will beep, or perform weird behaviours (like the aforementioned selecting of a file in the Finder).

So, you only want to use Typed String triggers in cases where you know you will be typing anyway. Where as a macro that opens a document, URL, application, whatever, is the sort of action you might want to do from anywhere, from the Finder, or while reading email, or whatever. You might well not be in a text typing context, and as such as Typed String trigger is typically a bad choice for the trigger.

Better is to use a Hot Key trigger (so the key is swallowed), the status menu or a macro palette trigger.

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Thanks Peter for taking the time! Very much appreciate it!!
Clear and easy explanation.
Got it and replacing all my Typed String triggers (although those were easier to remember)… :smile: