After Catalina update - KM not 'seeing' modifier keys

I have reset the accessibility permissions.
Seems all other KM triggers are accepted and working.
Function keys, text expansions, and also triggers that have a modifier used in a combination. ie opt + d types the date.
But simply pressing the left option does not register as it used to.
It is an apple extended keyboard.
ie for the left command the 'this device key' used to say 'apple keyboard left command' - that no longer works.
I tested and added another 'this device key' trigger and held down the left command key and it entered 'apple keyboard #227' and that does work.
Screenshot attached.
I do have a lot of modifier key triggers, I'd like to not have to modify them all.
thank you for any help.

Seems any combination trigger that uses a modifier key and a non modifier key is fine.
It's only when the 'this device key' is used and it's a modifier key, they need to be modified by pressing that modifier key while in the field that accepts the key to be used. It shows when you let go of the key. Not while it's held down...