After Update to KM11 "Click at Found Image" no longer working

All the permissions are granted for KM and KM Engine in System Preferences.
Also Typed string macros are not working.
I just upgraded to MacOS Sonoma. Trying to figure out what caused all these macros to not work anymore.
Please help!

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I have Sonoma and I have no problem using that trigger.

Whenever something doesn't work, you should check the log file for the specific time when you were attempting to trigger the macro. Maybe the macro triggered and failed, with a message in the log, or maybe it didn't trigger at all. This will help to narrow down the path to a solution.

You can find and open the Engine log file by opening the KM Editor and click on Help / Open Logs Folder. Then double click on Engine.log. Then start at the bottom of the file and look upwards using the timestamps until you see the time when you attempted to start the macro using that typing trigger.

If the macro triggered and failed, the reason for the failure will be in the log file. If the macro did not trigger, then we have a different issue. Possibly a permissions issue. You did say, "All Permissions are granted" but you didn't actually say which permissions. Maybe you should list them.

EDT - P.S. I just noticed the title of your message listed another problem. I missed that problem because I usually concentrate on the message itself rather than the title. In any case, you should do the same thing with the Find Image macro... check the log to see if there is an error. Also, you may want to post the Find Image action here, so that we have a better chance of finding the problem.

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Thank you for your reply, Airy.
The Macros did not trigger at all in Log.
I assume its permissions issue, but all of them are granted in
System Settings - Privacy and Security:
Here is the list:

  • Accessibility
  • Input Monitoring
  • Screen Recording
  • Automation (Here KM and KM Engine has a submenu)
    (KM - Safari) (KM Engine - Music)
    (Not sure why only these apps is listed in those submenus)
  • App Management

Thats it. Please let me know ifI'm missing anything.

Which version of KM are you currently using?

Have you read this post:

I think you are missing something important from your list. For four out of the five items that you listed you didn't indicate if the entry was "Keyboard Maestro" or "Keyboard Maestro Engine." It could indeed be a permissions problem. I don't know what you "should have" because I'm not an expert at permissions, and I don't know which version of KM you have. I'm just trying to help you if the mistake is a simple one. If it's a deep problem, you may have to open a ticket with Stairways.

You said "the macros are not triggering in the log at all." Are any macros triggering? If not, then maybe the problem is that the Engine isn't running. What kind of things do you see in the log? Is there anything in the log with today's date? Do you see the KM Engine icon in the upper right corner of your screen? I know you may be upset that I would ask such a question, but this has happened to people before. I'm forced to ask these questions because they could be the problem.

Sometimes the scope of a problem is bigger than what we first think. You said there were two things not working, but maybe there are many more things not working. Can you make a macro that "beeps" when you press a key? Will that run?

If you don't like the questions I'm asking, then you can ask me to stop and wait for someone else to offer help. I won't be offended.

Ok, let me complete the list:
System Settings - Privacy and Security:

  • Accessibility - KM and KM Engine
  • Input Monitoring - KM and KM Engine
  • Screen Recording - KM and KM Engine
  • Automation (Here KM and KM Engine has a submenu)
    (KM - Safari) (KM Engine - Music)
    (Not sure why only these apps is listed in those submenus)
  • App Management - KM only (Don't know if there should be KM Engine and not sure how to add it, since in the apps there is only KM app can be added)

I have latest KM Version.

In the Log, the Macros with Hot Keys are triggering, but Typed String and Click on Found Image are not.
The icon on the top right corner is present.

When I press Ctrl+Option+CMD+T to trigger Macros by typing their name in pop up line, they all work, except Click on Found Image Macro.

Hope this help to narrow it down.

If the typed string trigger is not triggering, then I guess we need to see the trigger itself. For example, maybe you are using a regex trigger. There are too many possibilities to be able to guess the problem without seeing anything s[pecific.

You said "Click on Found Image" is not triggering. Well, naturally, that's an action, not a trigger. In order to see why it's not working, we have to check to see if it was triggered. You haven't shown us the trigger for the macro that the "Click on Found Image" is in.

I would say yes, this narrows it down to the triggers as the next suspect. Once we see them, we may be able to narrow it down further.

The main point is that all these triggers were working before update, and after update to KM11 (and system update to Sonoma). Typed String and Click on Found image, are no longer working.

Someone else will have to help you then. I tried my best.

If the macro does not trigger at all, then the most likely cause (assuming the Keyboard Maestro Engine is running) is the the macro is inactive.

Select the macro and then use the Help menu ➤ Interactive Help, Something expected is not happening, and see what it tells you.