After Upgrading to Sierra all my macros GONE!

How can it be? After i update from Yousemite to sierra all macrosGONE

OK, I know this feels like a disaster, but remain calm and do not take any drastic actions. :smile:

It is very unlikely that the macOS upgrade deleted or changed any Keyboard Maestro files. Anything is possible, but highly unlikely in this case.

So, let's start here:

  1. If the KM Engine is running, you will see the KM Status Menu Icon in the Apple menu bar. Click on it and QUIT the Keyboard Maestro Engine:

2. Goto the Finder, and press ⌘⇧G and enter this path:
~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro
3. In this folder you should find this file:
Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist

  • Note the Date Modified and Size fields
  • Copy to another folder, like your ~/Documents folder
  • This is the file where ALL of your Macros are stored.
  • If the file size is NOT zero (or very, very small), then your Macros are there.
  1. Open the copy with a text editor. BBEdit or TextWranger are preferred.
  • You should see an XML style list of your macros
  • Do NOT make any changes -- just view the file contents

Now, report back here with your findings, and we'll help you take the next step.
Hopefully by then @peternlewis will have seen this topic and provided some help.

You can also view Troubleshooting [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] to see if there are any suggestions there.

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But this is mac os time machine!!!
Before installing sierra i i checked that my backup created.
But it just not backed up Application Support folder, i have before checked options of time machine. ITS JAST APPLE!

Time Machine is the BEST

its disaster)

OK, I’m not sure I understand you.
Are you saying that you were able to resolve your issue by restoring the file from TM backup?

Yes issue can be closed.
But no im not be able to restore from time machine, because for some reason the folder Application Support wasn’t created… And all my macros gone forever

but thanks

Well then, it does not sound like to me that your issue was satisfactorily resolved. :wink:

Did you try following the steps I gave above?

Is the Library folder you are showing ~/Library?

If it has no Application Support, I suspect your Mac would fail to operate entirely - that is a very crucial folder.

Try this:

Open the Terminal utility (/Applications/Utilities/


cd ~/Library
cd "Application Support"
cd "Keyboard Maestro"

You can just copy and paste the above code, all at once or line by line. What is shown?

What is this in your screenshot?

Almost looks like the date of the last successful backup :thinking:

You also seem to have “Back Up automatically” disabled. If you already have a disk for Time Machine, then I would enable this. The hourly backups from Time Machine are really useful and can save you some headache when you accidentally overwrite files.

yep, i try all, but the problem is that fore some reason time machine do not backup application support for my user.And when i restore data to Sierra thera no folder, and the base are renewed…

no ti backped to my disk 2, but without folder application support of user z

yep it go there but library war renewed, because after reinstall sierra and restoring backup time machine dosnt backup application support of user z