Ai copilot for keyboard maestro

Hey Peter n Lewis!

How about using the KM Forum as a dataset, and creating a GPT variant that can be used as a keyboard maestro "copilot".

That would be so sick. Just have GPT code it for you. Done. :smiley:


Far from done. It would create more work than it displaced.

This forum has doubtless already been scraped, without consent, in the formation of these LLMs, but I have yet to see any of them disgorge more than plausible-sounding muddle in response to Keyboard Maestro questions.

Sorting it out is generally more effort, and less useful, than simply acquiring the concepts :slight_smile:

(They’re interesting models of artificial language - mechanised simulacra of bluffers and poseurs - but they engender no “artificial intelligence” at all)


I'm not intimately familiar with how LLM's are created, but If I had to guess I'd suggest that this forum is a poor source. Many of the most useful macro exemplars are in the form of images or downloadable .kmmacros files (as opposed to text posts), so I doubt an LLM could get much useful data unless it is able to read / understand those forum attachments.


You can ask ChatGPT how to create macros to do things and it will give you answers. Some of which are even correct.

I don't currently have any plans to add GPT to Keyboard Maestro, in part because I've seen the issues in the last few years of relying on third party APIs for services (eg Twitter, Reddit, etc).