AirDrop Macro Without Resorting to Found Image Actions?

Is there a straightforward way to create an AirDrop macro without resorting to found image actions?

Specifically, I'd like to do the following while in Finder...

  1. Initiate AirDrop for the file or files currently selected in Finder.

  2. Choose the device to receive the files. (It would be the same device every time.)

  3. Once AirDrop sending is completed for the file or files in question, close the AirDrop window.

When pondering such a question, I search for what I want with the addition of the term “AppleScript”, because AppleScript can do anything that a shell script can do, and restricts it to Mac solutions.

Searching for applescript to send a file by airdrop finds these articles that look promising:


FWIW, I had issues using found images until I realised that the image was being found during the Airdrop window animation, thereby returning a premature set of coordinates. A simple pause fixed that and it now works reliably.

This presumes that the image you're talking about is of the recipient's user icon. If you mean "how do I share via Airdrop at all?", then you can use an Apple Shortcut for that.

AirDrop.kmmacros (49 KB)

Macro screenshot

HERE is a link to my Shortcut.


I had no idea. I tried this out, and the macro is working more reliably. Thanks, @noisneil!

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