ALERT❗ Before You Update to macOS Mojave Security Update 2020-005 Read This

Safari 14.0 + Mojave 2020-005 Security Update Causing Major Problems! -- Mr. Macintosh

You may not want to update just yet (I am not updating) to the latest macOS Mojave Security Update 2020-005. I highly recommend that you read the entire above article by Mr. Macintosh.

For Catalina users, see

From the above link:

Bottom line:

What this means is that you can install the Mojave 2020-005 Security update WITHOUT Safari 14.0 and not have any issues. You can even Install Safari 14.0 after and not have any issues. It’s only when you install Safari 14.0 first then install 2020-005 after when the problems start! I will continue to test this and post updates.

What are the reported problems with this update?

  1. Memory issues – Reports of large increases of memory usage = no free memory and a large amount of compressed memory.
  2. Slow boot & High fan speed
  3. System slowness / stalling in finder
  4. New local user can not be created through Users & Groups.
  5. Migration assistant crashes to login window when started.
  6. Large amounts of system.log entries – Class asn1SetToken is implemented in both /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/StoreServices.framework/Versions/A/StoreServices
  7. Errors when using tmutil localsnapshot /
  8. Error when running softwareupdate -l (not sure if it causes any issues with the softwareupdate binary)
  9. System locks up in Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver when trying to select a picture type screen saver.
  10. WindowServer Process using 4 times amount of memory. Should be anywhere between 40-125MB after the update it jumps to 400MB
  11. cDock 4 – Dock customization app becomes unusable.
  12. Menu bar sometimes does not change after switching from applications back to the finder.

JIC you didn't know (I didn't) you can get a list of software updates already installed on your Mac from this command line:
softwareupdate --history

I prefer to run this using a BBEdit Shell Worksheet.

Turns out I have NOT installed this (2020-005) update. So I will NOT for now.


Yep, I installed the update and have been having frequent kernel panics.

Perhaps unrelated, but might be closure for someone else. I’m running little snitch and since safari 14 it says that safari’s code signature resource has been modified, which shouldn’t be possible. Basically, it’s not suppose to happen as a broken code signature means it’s not suppose to “normally” run and bypass gatekeeper. Otherwise you’d be prompted to accept the risk via the several pop ups or overriding with the security setting panel.

It was beginning to make me wonder if I possibly broke my SIP somehow. Maybe it’s genuinely a broken safari release. This explains a lot of my issues lately. Thank you @JMichaelTX

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I have, in order:
10.15.6 Supplemental
Safari 14

No problems noticed.

"Apple pulls buggy macOS Mojave Security Update, Safari 14"

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