Alert the user when a subset of actions fails

As part of my macro, I want KM to execute a subset of 5 actions, and if NONE of them are successful, "Display Text in Window" and "Cancel Just This Macro". If one is successful, continue quietly.

I'm using this to alert the user when they make a mistake, in this case giving erroneous input.

I tried a few Control Flow actions and only managed to make KM go crazy. Thanks in advance!

Hey There,

Be more specific about the actions you’re using to test. That way we can give you a more informed answer.


5 instances of “trash file”.

If there is no file for the macro to delete, something is very wrong, and it means either me or my employee made a mistake.

Thanks :+1:

Set the Gear options in each of these Action to NOT terminate the macro on error.
Then after each Action, add a IF/THEN Action using Text condition of "%ActionResult%.
Something like this untested sequence:


This works perfectly — thank you @JMichaelTX!!

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