Alerts Appearing Behind or in Front of Full-Screen Applications

Does anyone know why Alerts sometimes appear in front of full-screen applications, and sometimes behind them (or maybe just flash momentarily)? Thank you.

Great question. I think you meant macOS notifications, not KM Alerts. I don't know the answer, but I thought I'd clarify your question. I've wondered the same thing.

However I would mention to you that notifications can be configured on a per-app basis in the macOS System Settings under Notifications. The first thing you should do is check for your full screen app if the Allow flag is turned on, and if so, is the next flag set to None, Banners, or Alerts. Try both Banners and Alerts and see if that fixes it. But that's just an idea, I'm not sure if that will fix the issue. Here are the first few lines of where you should look.

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Thank you for your reply. On the notifications topic, there is a wonderful command-line preference for KM regarding which banners get shown. I love Peter's attention to detail.

I actually did mean KM alerts…I'm playing around with custom HTML windows and such, and things have gotten weird… :joy:

I guess I misread your problem. I'm not especially familiar with Custom HTML actions, so I'll let others help you here.

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