All ‘Found Image’ Stopped Working

Hi there,

Every now and then all my 'Mouse Clicks' at Found Images or 'Pause Until' Found Images suddenly stop working and I have to screenshot everything again and re-insert them all back in.

This is inconvenient as you can probably imagine and, strangely enough, all the found images stopped working on both of my laptops at the same time as they were both running the same macros.

So there seems to be some kind of server issue / browser issue / Keyboard Maestro issue since I can't imagine why it effects both computers at the same time.

It's as if all the images suddenly get deleted or something from Keyboard Maestro's memory.

Any fixes to this issue? I've had it happen about twice in 4 months and it is time-consuming to have to hunt down all the actions that need new screenshots, cropping images again, and re-inserting them all back in.


PS. I think it might be a browser issue actually since that is where my macros spends most of their time.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing it?

Hi Moderators, please delete this thread. I realised the problem was on my end. I tried to delete the thread but I didn't have permission. Thanks.

I’ve racked my brain as to what that could be. Now, please, I’m curious…


Please post your solution so others can benefit.

@JMichaelTX, @Tom

There was no solution per se since there was no problem with KM's end of things.

My macro uses the internet a lot and a certain webpage had subtlely changed its design (even though to the naked eye it looked very similar) - therefore the “Found Images” action wasn't working - took me a while to realise these subtle changes were throwing it off.

Must say I was quite surprised though how even small changes in images can totally throw it off. Makes sense when you think about it, but it requires an attentive eye to catch the reason sometimes.

Anyway, I screenshotted new images and it worked again as normal. I could have made the distortion filter higher (I think that's what it's called?), but then that'd have lead to other problems.

Kind regards,

Many “KM issues” turn out to be caused by the context the macro is working in, rather than by KM “itself”.

And your insight that even subtle, non visible changes can throw off the Find Image action is certainly a useful hint for other people with similar issues.

Fuzziness, they call it. (If you mean the slider.)