Allowing JavaScript From Apple Events in a More Targeted Way

Hello, I've created a "Click Safari Link" macro using XPath and that required enabling Javascript from Apple Events in the Safari. I'm nervous about enabling this globally and wonder if there is a way to constrain it to certain "events" such as those in KM that I designate.

Is there a way to limit the scope of the Javascript in my browser (Safari or otherwise) or, if not, is there a more secure way to achieve the "click link" action in KM?

Nyet. Period.

The only way into a browser for this purpose is via AppleScript, and you have to give applications that want to control your browser permission in the system preferences.

It would be very, very difficult for any process to spy on your browser via Apple Events – and if spyware got deeply enough into your system to do that then you're dead meat already.


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