Alternative Connection to Stream Deck

I am not a Stream Deck user, though around here the indication is that a number of Keyboard Maestro users are. David Sparks has a post describing how he uses KMlink, an alternative Stream Deck plug-in for a better interaction between the device and Keyboard Maestro:

Lately I've been just the independently developed KMLink instead. The script looks at your Keyboard Maestro library and lets you attach a specific script to the button. You can also add a custom icon. Once you add it to your Stream Deck setup, you can move the button around the Stream Deck without any complicated remapping.


I’ve been using this since I bought my Stream Deck in September 2019 and prefer it to the baked-in support that KM provides.


Except in rare cases where you might want to do something like set the color or text of a Stream Deck button, KMLink is much easier to use because you can easily drag it to any button and move it around as well (whereas the default Keyboard Maestro plugin requires that you assign it to a specific button).

I use them both, but my default is KMLink. My favorite feature is that it will show the most recently edited macro at the top of its list of macros. Very handy.

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