Alternatives for Keyboard Maestro and Typinator on MS Windows 10

Has anyone used apps close to marvelous KM and Typinator for MS-Windows? Neither is ported to Windows, but if you know of anything as good as KM and Typinator, I'd love to hear about (Caviat: san Phease Express!)

Hello @Yu_Ii, for Keyboard Maestro I don't know any alternative, but for text replacement there would be the app aText

This one is not that expensive either at $4.99.


TextExpander Mac and Win
Espanso cross-platform

FWIW - I haven’t used aText on Windows, but I used it on Mac for awhile and it was nearly as good as TextExpander, and a one-time fee of $5 vs an ongoing subscription.

(I had some issues with aText and high CPU usage, but I think that might have been a symptom of other issues I was having at the time, and was never able to find the root cause.)

TextExpander and PhraseExpress do somehow well on Mac. They just fail on Windows. aText is simple and good looking except (!) I could never make it work on Windows. The last will be MacroToolworks that I am downloading as writing to you. I won't bother if that fails, too. I only ask if anyone is actually happily using anything close Tyoinater in Windows! Thanks and much gratitude, ALYB!

This one is owned by Microsoft. Haven't used it tbh. or any Windows app...

Hmm... That surprises me.

It's been a long time since I used Windows, but PhraseExpress was very effective back in the day.

I used to be very fond of AutoHotkey, but it's been so long I can't comment on how well it performs these days. (I used it on Vista and Windows 7.)

AutoHotkey is one of the oldest and most mature automation tools available for windows.


// Hmm... That surprises me.
Do (please) believe! PE leaves HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of .bak files and when your shortcuts are lost, and it happens frequently in PE, none of the backups is of any use. Three shortcut losses and I tossed it out of my system.

Wow, that's terrible!

Too bad – PhraseExpress used to be a great product.