"Always give me a window" on app switch. A simple macro that gets 100 uses /day

I've never understood why ⌘ tab will unhide an app (give me a window), but won't give me a window by either unminimizing or making a new one. If I'm switching to an app, I want to see a window!

This macro solves that problem. Basically:
WHEN switch to app,
IF window is minimized, THEN unminimize.
IF no window, THEN 'new window'

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 9.56.41 PM

App switcher, always give me a window.kmmacros (7.7 KB)


The only potential issue I can see is that not every app has a "New Window" menu item. Very few do, actually.

Hey @james8231, I'm embarrassed to say I only had a vague idea of what was happening when those minimised windows weren't coming up. I suppose I kind of knew, but I'd never thought about it. I knew if the window didn't come up, I had to bring it to the front manually, and it was a pain.

Love this macro! And I understand MacOS better! Thanks!