An Example for Simultaneous Apps Launch

I made my first macro, Word, to launch Word. It works flawlessly.

By way of example, can anyone please exemplify just how I can launch Word & Excel & Outlook simultaneously using a key combo trigger?
[Though the manual is scholarly verbose, it lacks simple examples to guide a feeble novice like me!]

THANK YOU regardless.

Something like this would work (I don't have Outlook but I'm sure you'll understand):

This is just using a hot key (Control-X) that ties in to three instances of the Activate A Specific Application action that Keyboard Maestro offers.

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When it comes to "thank you", English is indeed a weak language. So, I have to repeat it twice: THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

This was the example I needed. WORKs fast and flawlessly.

Thanks a lot, NaOH.

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