An Idea for a Statistics Menu Item

Here’s a suggestion that’s quite off the wall, and maybe I’m the only one who wants it. (Speak up if you would like this feature.) It’s not very difficult to implement but I realize Peter doesn’t like “fluff” so this idea may not make it.

I think there should be a Menu item under View called Statistics. When this opens, perhaps KM will display a confirmation window saying “This will generate statistics about your macros. It may take a while. Do you want to continue?”

If the user decides to continue, the results could look something like this using arbitrary numbers for examples here: (pardon the formatting, some of the items below are intended to be sub-items and I don’t know how to do that here)

  • Total number of Groups: 23
  • Total number of Macros: 150
    Enabled: 120
    Disabled: 30
  • Total number of actions: 2,310
    Total number of IF actions: 752
    Total number of Execute Macro actions: 150
    Total number of Pause actions: 75
    etc. (for each action that’s used)
  • Total number of triggers: 85
    Total number of Periodic triggers: 12
    Total number of Hot Key triggers: 75
    etc. (for each trigger that’s used)
  • Total number of variables: 200
    Empty Variables: 20
    Non-empty variables: 180
  • Total number of conditions: 150
    Number of calculation conditions: 75
    etc. for each condition that’s used
  • TOTAL number of objects combining all above categories: 7,543

There are probably a lot more categories of things to be numbered, these are just the first ideas off the top of my head. I would use this sort of feature every month to measure my progress and take some pride in how much I use KM. I know it’s fluff, but it’s fluff that creates pride, so it can’t be a bad idea.

If people like this idea, feel free to add additional kinds of statistics in your replies. For example, should we have statistics on each “colour” used on an action? Things like that.

What’s that old saying? Pride goeth something something? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s possible I would add such a thing. It’s not overly useful, but it can be nice as a marketing tool, and can make for pretty graphs and such which are sometimes helpful.

But I doubt it’ll happen any time soon.

It’s possible it could be useful for some people. For example, I use the colour red to colour actions that I think have a bug in them. If I run this report and see that my macros have three actions that are red that could alert me as to the location of my bugs. Of course in that case it could help if the KM search box allowed me to search for coloured actions, which I don’t think it does. I use the colour teal to indicate debug actions, and it would also help me to be able to search for those. Or maybe I want to replace all my periodic triggers by cron triggers. Reports could potentially help with all those things.