Android VM: Loop through list of image links and click to

I'm running an Android app in a virtual machine and there's a listings page I'm trying to:

  1. Open each listing link
  2. In the individual listing page take a screenshot
  3. Return to the listing page
  4. Click the next link

Is it possible to achieve this with Keyboard Maestro?
I've attached a screenshot of the listing page.


Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 21.33.16

I don't think so. KM works ONLY on the macOS.

Sorry I wasn't too clear, I'm running the Android app inside a virtual machine on Mac OS, with Keyboard Maestro also running alongside.

I understand. But KM can't see inside of the VM. This has come up before with running Windows in a VM.

Works here:
Feb-24-2021 11-12-34

btw, edited the title to make it clearer it's about a Virtual Machine.